Architectural Design Services

O’Leary Architectural Services Limerick Domestic and Commercial Architecture, Planning and Engineers in Limerick.

We provide a professional and reliable service.

We design, plan apply for planning permission and regulate contractors Limerick.


Meeting the customers

A-Review the information pack

B-Complete project evaluation.

C-Review of Critical steps.

D-Submit Quotation

E-Complete Preliminary Site Assessment.

F-Customer signs up.

Submit Planning Applications in Limerick

A-Boundary and contour survey.

B-Prepare site layout.

C-Waste water design pack.

D-Selecting house design.

E-External finishes.

Appoint building contractor:

A-Review internal layout.

B-Agree internal finish.

C-Decide on heating system.

D-Agree electrical Layout.

E- Obtain Tender.

Project Supervision:


A-Compliance with planning permission.

B-Certificate of valuation.