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Architectural Sketch Design’s in Kerry Some Recent Sketch Designs in the pursuit of excellence and functionality in design to O’Leary in Kerry ensure optimum building performance based on our Clients needs. Architecture & Interior Design Interiors, Exterior and Architecture Sketches. Contact Us +353(0) 87 – 64 35 182 info@aolearyarchitectural.com   ... Read More
Boundary and contour survey Conducted in Kerry Cork and Limerick   1 A boundary Survey confirms the exact location of existing boundaries   2 Proposed boundaries should be clarified by the customer at this stage   3 The site boundaries of a proposed site should be cross checked against folio maps.   4 Across check against ... Read More
CONSTRUCTION DRAWING Construction drawings are provided, including plans, blueprints, or working drawings in order to show your built. Basic construction information. Drawings have written notes that cover specs.   Drawings to Scale. Construction drawings are drawn to scale. These are used on the job site are typically drawn at a scale of  ¼” per foot. ... Read More
Fire Safety Certificates
Fire Safety Certificates We are based in Rathmore, County Kerry. We provide fire certification service in Kerry, Cork and Limerick. We provide: Preparation of Fire Safety Certificate applications for compliance with building control regulations. Pre-purchase inspection on domestic dwellings. Fire safety Assessment surveys of existing buildings and specifications for fire safety upgrade work. Preparation of fire ... Read More
When selecting a design, there are many considerations to keep in mind. One of the most important considerations is to ensure that the proposed design will cater for your individual requirements ie: Family size, lifestyle, etc. Listed below are other Key points to consider when planning your future home? 1 Is the house design within ... Read More
Your choice of external finishes are important, particularly for planning purposes, depending on the location of the project. The materials chosen should be in keeping with the character of other buildings in area. The issue of durability and maintenance should also be considered.   There is now a wide range of materials on market and ... Read More