BER Certification

BER Certification

Building BER Certification in Kerry Cork and Limerick.

Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate is an indication of the energy performance of a home. A BER certificate is accompanied by an Advisory Report which identifies how you might improve the energy performance of your home.

BER is the calculated energy use for space and hot water heating, ventilation and lighting based on standard occupancy. A BER is similar to the energy label for a household electrical appliance like your fridge, freezer, cooker etc. The label has a scale of A-G. A-rated homes are the most energy efficient and will tend to have the lowest energy bills.

A BER is compulsory for all homes offered for sale or rent. A BER is also required before a new home is occupied for the first time.

There are exemptions for certain categories of homes, for example, protected structures. Advertisements must include BER details when a home is offered for sale or rent.

Buying or renting a house or apartment, you are entitled to a BER ask the seller, landlord or agent for it O’Leary Architecture are registered BER Assessors¬†