Supervision and Phase Sign Off

O’Leary Architect Design Project Construction Supervision and Phase Sign Off.


O’Leary project supervisor of the construction stages is to supervise and co-ordinate during the construction stage. The project supervisor construction supervisor should be appointed before construction work begins and should remain in that position until all construction work on the project is completed.

Building Stages in Ireland

1- Finding the ideal Site for your home

2- Ground Condition and Percolation Testing

3- Designing Your Home Getting your Architect

4- Planning Permission

5- Finding Contractors

6- Site Clearance

7- Foundation Preperation

8- Base Structure

9- Drains & Pipes

10- DPC & Radon Barrier

11- Ground Floor

12- Wall Structure

13- Cills & Lintels

14- Second Floor

15- Roof Structure

16- Chasing

17- Doors & Windows

18- External Wall Finishes

19- First Fixes

20- Interior Joinery

21- Interior Plastering

22- Second Fixes

23- Snag List

24- Decorating

25- Moving

26. Water Connection

Electricity Connection this stage may be necessary from the start depending on location. All phases can be combined to an individual stages of house construction.