When selecting a design, there are many considerations to keep in mind. One of the most important considerations is to ensure that the proposed design will cater for your individual requirements ie: Family size, lifestyle, etc.

Listed below are other Key points to consider when planning your future home?

1 Is the house design within your calculated budget?

2 Is the house suitable for your site?

3 Will your house blend into the surrounding area and landscape?

4 Does your house design comply with planning Legislation in your area?

5 Is your house positioned on site so that it receives maximum sunlight in the important areas especially the kitchen??

6 Is your kitchen/dining area big enough and properly laid out to cater for your needs?

7 Do you have adequate number of bedrooms? If not can your house is easily extended?

8 Would you like an en-suite bathroom from the master bedroom?

9 Should you consider having a second toilet in the house?

10 Do you like interesting features, eg patio doors bay windows balconies, etc?


The above questions should put your ideas on selecting a house into perspective and help you make a good decision, Remember that a large percentage of people occupy that same house for most lives, therefore, a lot of thought and consideration should be given to selecting a design.