Site Surveys Completed

Site Surveys Completed

Site Surveys in Kerry Cork and Limerick.

An application for a dwelling house in a rural area needs the proposed site to be assessed with respect to its suitability for the treatment of waste water, even when there is an existing dwelling house.

This assessment is undertaken by means of percolation and water table tests carried out by an accredited Assessor or Engineer approved by Local Authority in Kerry, Cork and Limerick Ireland.

O’Leary Architectural Design offer a full Site Suitability Site Assessment service. The site assessments are carried out in compliance with EPA Code of Practice Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems serving Single Houses (see below for forms and other download information from the EPA Website)

While on site the Engineer can also prepare an EDM Survey of the site to identify boundaries, contours, ground levels etc.

Code of Practice: Wastewater Treatment Systems for Single Houses

Summary: This code of practice provides guidance on the design, operation and maintenance of on-site wastewater treatment systems for single houses (p.e. less than or equal to 10). It will assist authorities, developers, system manufacturers, system designers, installers and operators to deal with various systems.

Available Download forms and information

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The EPA has published a Code of Practice: Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems Serving Single Houses (p.e < 10).  The code of practice (CoP) establishes an overall framework of best practice in relation to the development of wastewater treatment and disposal systems, in unsewered rural areas, for protection of our environment and specifically water quality.  The code replaces previous guidance issued by the EPA on wastewater treatment systems for single houses (EPA, 2000) and incorporates the requirements of new European guidelines, recent research findings and submissions and comments received during the consultation process.

This EPA code of practice sets out the following:

  • An assessment methodology for the determination of site suitability for an on-site wastewater treatment system and identification of the minimum environmental protection requirements.
  • A methodology for the selection of a suitable wastewater treatment system for sites in unsewered rural areas.
  • Information on the design and installation of conventional septic tank systems, filter systems and mechanical aeration systems.
  • Information on tertiary treatment systems.
  • Maintenance requirements for the above systems.

The EPA 2000 guidance is now withdrawn.  You can download a copy of the Code of Practice: Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems serving Single Houses (p.e. < 10) from the EPA’s website at the links above or hard copies are available from our Publications Office, PO Box 3000, Johnstown Castle Estate, Wexford, 053-9160600.  NOTE: Some minor corrections have been made to this publication as and from the 29th March 2010.  The site characterisation form (writable pdf format) has been amended to allow for additional text to be included as requested by users.